The chief mentor at Train Brain is Manish Gupta who has more than ten years of experience in the education sector. He has observed that our education though being one of the best in the world is at times still unable to meet the requirements of the industry. Even though with the availability of a huge manpower, still a major issue of unemployment is seen nationwide.

In his journey he realized that an effort is required at the skill development o the job seekers to match the level of expectations of the corporate. He thus intends to reduce this unemployment gap by enhancing the productivity skills of the people according to market requirements thus leading them to fruitful and good number of earning years and personal growth.

But, good intentions are of no value unless they are translated into action and so Train Brain came to existence.

From Founder’s Pen:

Education today, by and large focuses on delivering what is required by an individual to know, and learn. Today, gaining knowledge is important but turning the knowledge into real practice is even more important. We are standing at a situation where looking at the weakening of rupee and economies competing against each other there exists an opinion where equal income distribution falls at prey. Global expansions and progress in all parts of the world has led to multinationals desiring manpower which is trained, skilled and who possess the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, entrepreneurship and moral leadership. Here, Train brain provides manpower with the desired skill set as per industry requirements. We are a resource center providing trained workforce which is employable. We believe in working in tandem with the current economic patterns by creating employable platforms for the manpower today where the rich doesn’t remain richer and poor doesn’t remain poorer. Therefore in this concern we are actively moving forward!!

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