Why choose TrainBrain?

TrainBrain services cater to its clientage of Corporate and in turn help Job Seekers and Institutes achieve their employability goals.


As mentioned already that Train Brain provides skilled manpower solutions through active training and assessment programs but how does it benefit you? So here is your answer:

  • Our assessment tool gives you an insight of the suitability of a candidate for a particular work area.
  • We help you cut-down your training cost which you can use to enhance other activities if you give us an opportunity to become your training partners.
  • We can conduct trainings and assessments for your existing employees too.
  • The growth of an organization depends on talent of its human assets and so it is crucial that the employee is best fit for your organization, which is what we aim to provide.
  • We provide you complete Staffing solutions at one place which help you save a lot of time. Thus you can use the same in elaborating your business opportunities.

Job Seekers

We aim to put you a step ahead in the race of employment. If you are wondering that how are we going to do this then here is your answer:

  • As the ultimate goal of any individual is to find a good job, we attempt to bring you the best possible job opportunities matching your needs.
  • The results of the assessments are shared with you so that you can gain a better understanding of your competencies.
  • We provide trainings only on the corporate mandates thus increasing your employment chances above others.
  • We also have separate individual assessment options for those still trying to seek their interest areas or who are not aware of their skills so as to decide which industry they should work in.
  • We provide a common platform to both employers and job seekers.


Educational Institutions have a great responsibility of developing the future of our nation. We extend a helping hand in the following ways:

  • We have specialized assessments for students to check the level of their knowledge and behavioral adaptability which will help you analyze the potential of your students.
  • We have modules which can be implemented at different level of academic sessions which might be helpful in building a more professional attitude in students from the very beginning.
  • We have assessments that can help students identify suitable careers for themselves on the basis of their potential and interests.

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