Aptitude Assessment Drive

Aptitude Test gives an idea of the competency to do a certain kind of task at a certain level, which can also be considered as "talent". Students through their Aptitude test result can find how well they perform and the areas they need to improve if they are to get the position they aspire for or go for higher studies in the top institutes of their choice.

Our Aptitude test is based on well known cognitive ability theory i.e. Cattel Horn Carroll theory of Human cognitive ability. It measures three areas of Aptitude, Numerical, Verbal and Reasoning which are crucial for success in any career. Test result helps students find their strength Aptitude areas as well as gives an idea of how to increase speed and accuracy in numerical, verbal and reasoning Aptitude. It also gives the hints and tips to improve one’s Aptitude.

It helps the institutes in preparing their students for the completion race which they are about to take part in.


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