Being an educational institute, you have a great responsibility of preparing your students to become employable so to help you in the same we offer you our assessments specifically prepared for the students and institutes.

We have three types of assessments, namely:

  • Career Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Self-awareness Assessment

Career Assessment

This is specialized assessment primarily aiming to help students or individuals make informed decisions regarding their career based on their preferences.

Career test identifies your career preference and helps you in finding the occupations matching your skill & interests. Our Career test offers scientifically proven and reliable career Interest tests to guide you on your unique career path. The Test is based upon popular Holland RIASEC Theory. The theory states that individuals across cultures can be classified as per the six basic interest-types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional (the RIASEC typology). People may be characterized by one type or a combination of these types.

If you’re confused about which course to take up while preparing for a further study or feeling stuck in your job or if you are new to the job search and not sure where to begin, use the career guidance tests to find out your interest area which motivates you to perform better.

It is being offered as a specialized product for educational institutes to help their students make an appropriate career choice.

Duration of the test: 10-15 minutes
Eligibility: Both Graduates and Post-graduate Students

Aptitude Assessment

Aptitude Test gives an idea of the competency to do a certain kind of task at a certain level, which can also be considered as "talent". Students through their Aptitude test result can find how well they perform and the areas they need to improve if they are to get the position they aspire for or go for higher studies in the top institutes of their choice.

Our Aptitude test is based on well known cognitive ability theory i.e. Cattel Horn Carroll theory of Human cognitive ability. It measures three areas of Aptitude, Numerical, Verbal and Reasoning which are crucial for success in any career. Test result helps students find their strength Aptitude areas as well as gives an idea of how to increase speed and accuracy in numerical, verbal and reasoning Aptitude. It also gives the hints and tips to improve one’s Aptitude.

It helps the institutes in preparing their students for the completion race which they are about to take part in.

Duration of the test: 60 minutes
Eligibility: Both Graduates and Post-graduate Students

Self-Awareness Assessment

Behavioral assessment in combination with competency assessment help in identifying the proficiency of the individual. It helps in bringing out the true nature of an individual in certain situations, his/her motivational drives, needs and attitudes. Personality influences individual performance on the job in a way that will lead to higher compensation, new job responsibilities, job satisfaction and promotions into higher organizational ranks.

Our Self Awareness Assessment has been developed in-house by a team of psychologists who bring-in many years of collective experience in Psychometric assessment in educational and corporate field. The amalgamation of their research and the scientific validation of tests have led to the formation of robust assessment tool.

The Assessment result gives an awareness to the individual about his/her style of dealing with particular situations or different type of people. It also gives an overview of his/her strength and weak areas which are necessary to perform a job effectively. The result further guides the candidate on how to improve or work on his/her weak points to be successful at work or life in a long run.

Duration of the test: 15-20 minutes
Eligibility: Both Graduates and Post-graduate Students



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