Career Assessment Drive

This is specialized assessment drive primarily aiming to help students or individuals make informed decisions regarding their career based on their preferences.

Career test identifies your career preference and helps you in finding the occupations matching your skill & interests. Our Career test offers scientifically proven and reliable career Interest tests to guide you on your unique career path. The Test is based upon popular Holland RIASEC Theory. The theory states that individuals across cultures can be classified as per the six basic interest-types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional (the RIASEC typology). People may be characterized by one type or a combination of these types.

If you’re confused about which course to take up while preparing for a further study or feeling stuck in your job or if you are new to the job search and not sure where to begin, use the career guidance tests to find out your interest area which motivates you to perform better.

It is being offered as a specialized product for educational institutes to help their students make an appropriate career choice.


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